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Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:15 pm

  • Greetings everyone.

    I must emphasize that everything I say here is as always, my opinion.

    As we all know by now, voting is currently limited to paid/full game players. This is not the issue, but the options for voting are the issue. Currently, the only vote-able option is to change the current map/mode.
    (I am specifically referring to IN-GAME voting, NOT post-match voting for the next game mode and map.)

    There are several aspects of an ongoing match that should be up for a vote; to keep, or remove, said aspect(s).

    The option in the ESC Menu, namely "Change map" should be renamed to "Cast Vote", which then should bring another list of options (identical in layout/format to the ESC Menu - and sub-menus following a similar layout/format)(Hovering the cursor over an option should of course show a short description of what the vote implies, etc).

    These options (for voting) should include the following (The order, and content of which can be re-arranged):

    > Change Game Mode & Map (Basically, what the current "Change Map" option does)
    > Remove BOTS (Remove BOTS from the game) - [BL & SA only!] (Not selectable in other game modes)
    > Remove HellRaiser/Superweapon (Removes the HR)
    > Restart Current Match (Restarts the current round in the same map and game mode)
    > End Match (This is purely added as a potential deterrent to very skilled players)

    *Other options are up for discussion. Please feel free to suggest some options. :)

    --edit. I've removed a portion of this post.
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